Accounting Services

We can assist you by providing the following services:

Performing a review or a compilation of financial statements.

Performing an agreed-upon procedure engagement with respect to specified elements, accounts, or items of a financial statement.

Performing attestation services in conjunction with a forecast or projection.

Developing formats for regular monthly or quarterly reporting.

Analyzing operating results.

Advising clients about the selection or use of computer software to generate financial statements.    

Tax Services

Ever since the first federal law on income taxes was passed in 1913, CPAs have been extensively involved in tax matters. We keep abreast of changes in the increasingly complex tax system and can provide expert tax advice. We help business owners with tax compliance, keep them aware of tax law changes, and help them choose among the available options and provisions. We prepare corporate, personal, partnership, not for profit and personal tax returns, as well as sales and payroll tax returns. We can assist you with offers in compromise and we also represent our clients before the IRS, if necessary.

Since most business decisions have tax ramifications, we play an equally important role as tax planners. We advise our clients on the tax implications of proposed transactions and provide assistance in overall planning. We help business owners understand how transfers of ownership, changes in inventory procedures, acquisitions and mergers, and other transactions can affect their taxes. We can answer day-to-day questions about depreciation, contributions, installment sales and other specific tax problems.

We provide advice on the tax effects of various types of business organizations, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and limited-liability companies.  

Management Consulting Services

Depending on the needs of the business owner, we can provide consulting services in cash management, risk management (insurance), financing, compensation and benefit plans, computer-based accounting systems, succession planning for family-owned businesses, mergers and acquisitions, health care, compliance with government regulations, litigation support, software evaluation and setups, Internet assistance and web site design. 

Personal Financial Planning

As personal financial planning advisors, we help business owners make the right financial planning decisions by analyzing their overall financial and tax situations, helping them devise estate plans and plans for retirement, and assisting them in risk management, insurance planning, and developing investment philosophy, among other things.   

Adding Value To Your Business

We make your business our business. We approach each set of business, tax and financial problems with objectivity. We work with business owners to find solutions to these problems and to ensure that companies are meeting their objectives. We are prepared to help you recognize and deal with a variety of business situations. Whether you are just getting off the ground or have been established for some time, we can help put and keep you on the track to profitability. 

Other Services

There are other services we provide to help keep your business running smoothly. We offer bookkeeping services such as monthly write ups, bank reconciliations, checkbook adjustments and posting to general ledgers. We offer monthly bankruptcy filings and can assist with incorporating and dissolving corporations.   


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the services we offer, or how we can assist you, please call us at
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